Why we should avoid junk food?

There are so many diseases which are caused by fast foods like Heart Disease, Liver Damage, Diabetes etc. if you don’t avoid junk food one of the biggest problem fat increase day by day. for more detail click below:

1 Fatigue :
avoid junk food

The reason for your fatigue is Junk food. Although junk food makes you feel satisfied junk food reduces your nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins. junk food reduces your body energy day by day. if you want to save your energy avoid junk food. always eat healthy food which makes you feel more energetic.


If we take junk food we will go into depression in young age. there are so many hormone changes take place at a young age it will affect you, you will see behavioral changes automatically. A healthy diet helps you to maintain hormonal balance and junk food reduces your essential nutrients, we have seen the people in younger age have been suffering from depression and it has increased 58 percent.


Those who are habituation to fat junk food. They get Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) disease. because junk food contains so much oily. by Junk food, you get acidity in your stomach. you feel irritation  in your stomach  when you eat junk food because they are too spicy, they also reduce fiber which is very important for proper digestion

4.Affects the brain so avoid junk food :

If your diet bad it will affect your brain. if you take a good diet it is good for the brain. after research, it confirmed that If you eat junk food for a week, then it will weaken your brain.

5.Heart disease

Junks food increases the risk of cholesterol and triglyceride levels which make heart disease. if you gain the higher weight it converts into the heart  attack