Avoid Smoking

Smoking can affect your lungs, pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer. these are starting symptoms  Coughs, colds, wheezing, and asthma, wrinkles are come on your glowing skin  so avoid smoking

Smoking disadvantages
avoid smoking
1.Going  Sightless:

Smoking makes you blind. Macular decomposition is caused by smoking. After 65 years, some symptoms have been found to prove that smoking makes you blind, so if you don’t want to be blind please avoid smoking.

2.Gum Disease:

If you are accustomed to smoking It will damage your teeth, gum infection which will destroy bone.when you are in publically it will return bad impact on other people.make your teeth healthy. avoid smoking.

3.Lung Function:

Cigarettes contain so many chemicals. it will directly affect lung function. smoking change in the structure of your lung tissue and airways.if you are patient of asthma, smoking increase the possibility of heart attacks.

4.Disadvantages to Your Family so avoid smoking:

your smoking is also dangerous for your family.cigrette make with chemicals, when you are smoking in front of your family member it smells also affect your family members, Due to your smoking, your family can go in a dangerous condition. so avoid smoking.

For avoiding smoking you will decide that

1.you will schedule a day for quit smoking habit.

2.you think about your family.without you how can your family survive.