How we get normal blood pressure range ?

There are two types of blood pressure(bp), first is high Blood pressure or low blood pressure. if you have high blood pressure if you don’t care about it, it will be making a heart attack, low blood pressure is also bad for you it will be making you weak,  How we get normal blood pressure range.


1. Avoid smoking:

when you smoke every cigarette increase your blood pressure, so avoid smoking your bp return to normal, when you quit cigarette it helps to reduce your risk of heart disease and it will provide you healthy life.

2. Exercise helps in normal blood pressure range:
blood pressure range

If you are a high blood pressure patient. So exercise is very important to you because it will help in reducing developing hypertension. If you are already suffering from hypertension, physical activity will help you to bring BP to the bloodstream in the normal range.


Stress increases your blood pressure. We have a lot of stress in today’s life. If we want to be free from BP, then we should avoid all kinds of stress.

4. Weight loss:

Weight loss helps you to reduce your high blood pressure. if you have a fat waist, it is called a visceral fat. visceral fat gives you serious health problems. high blood pressure also includes in it.


1. Eat less:

If we are eating 3 times a day, then it is better that we divide our food into five parts a day, it helps to control our low blood pressure. it is one of the best remedies.

2.Drink more liquid:

If you are low diabetes patient, the liquid drink is a good diagnosis, liquid drinks are like coconut water, and aam panna, Pomegranate juice, and bael ka sharbat .drink 2 to 3 liters of water every day. Pomegranate juice contains antioxidants called polyphenols, it will help you with low blood pressure