Benefits of eating natural yogurt for health

benefits of curd

natural yogurt contains nutrients. curd nutrition is like calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium. A bowl of homemade curd for health is good. you can use texture to your curries. Yogurt comes from milk.  it is light for stomach, easier to digest. there are some benefits below.

1. Natural Yogurt Improves digestion

Curd helps in digestion problem. it helps to balance acid levels in the stomach it’s the power to keep up a balance in the acid levels in the stomach. the power of curds to manage the ph levels makes it an ideal remedy for the symptom. Adding curd provides higher nutrition to the entire body.

2.Weight reduction

We can reduce weight by using curd in our diet plan. curds help to fight obesity. curd contain calcium. Calcium restricts the creation of cortisol that does not let the weight grow so fight against cortisol. we should regularly eat a  small bowl curd.

3.Healthy heart

Curd helps to reduce heart problems & cholesterol level. It helps in a healthy heart. A small amount of cholesterol in our body helps in keeping arteries clean and allows smooth blood flow. Hence, curd helps to reduce the risk of heart-related diseases.

4.Effective haircare with curd nutrition

We have some hair problems such as dry, dull hair, dandruff. we can use curd for it. curd contains lactic acid. lactic acid provides nutrients and minerals which is good for the scalp. lactic acid reduces dandruff and improves scalp softness. a small quantity of curd mixed with henna gives us a good result.

5.Uses of natural yogurt

The benefits of curd are like dishes, sweets etc. To prepare namkeen lassi requires yogurt, little bit salt, black pepper cumin-seed and sweet curd lassi requires yogurt or sugar. when we drink lassi we feel fresh inside our stomach and cool. minerals present in the curd. it is used for beauty care. 

Aside effect of curds

We know the benefits of curd help in weight loss, we should be careful with the quantity of curd can heavy for some persons. if anyone has arthritis problem should avoid eating curds on an everyday. It increases joint pain.

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