Why we drink more water in our daily life?

Drink more water is our basic need. daily water intake to drink 6-8 glass per day. nowadays we are drinking less water which is not good for us.  water requirement  6-8 glass of water per day. we cannot live without it. water develop Brain Power and give Energy, it also helps to gain healthy weight or weight loss, it also helps to  Your Heart Health, it makes your better mood, it helps to remove the toxin from your body, it also helps to improve your skin and make more healthy with fresh,it helps in dehydration disease, it helps to remove headache, kidneys stone remove with water, you feel more energetic with drink water  and I mentioned below some benefits of drink water  in detail.

1. drink water makes a healthy brain:

our brain contains 73% of water. less water percentage in our brain make us unhealthy, inactive, dehydration. Dehydration makes us more sensitive to pain, it will affect our memory.

2.Weight Loss by daily drink water:weight loss by water

Drink water helps to gain healthy weight or weight loss. daily water intake before the meal is good for your health and it will help in weight loss.

3. drink more water Remove toxins:

Drink water helps to remove toxins. These toxins come through water, air, pollution etc. If we want to save ourselves from these toxins, water requirement to drink.

4. Lack of drink water:

Due to lack of Drink water, diseases such as constipation, asthma, allergy, hypertension, migraine are formed. If you want to recover these diseases daily water intake is one of the best ways.

5. water requirement for Skin:

Drink water is essential for keeping the skin wet.our skin made with several cells. Skin needs water to function properly.we will always look young  and glowing skin if we daily water intake properly

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