Top 6 hair fall solutions

In today life hair fall is a big problem. especially for girls hair is very important. how we save our hair from the air, water, soil. when we see our comb full of hair, we get tension. we try to fix it. here I  mentioned below some should apply on your hair.

1.Aleo vera:
  • Firstly wash your hair.
  • Take aloe vera leaf, cut leaf in the middle. take aloe vera gel in a blow. after that apply it to your scalp or hair, rub into your hair. leave it for 15 minutes. apply it three times a day and then rinse your hair with cold water in the morning.

warning: be aware yellow-color aloe vera plant contains toxins and it can irritate the skin.


Amla contains vitamin C, nutrient etc. vitamin C help you to your healthy hair growth and strengthen. there are three type of method first is amla with lime juice, the second is 4-5 amla with one cup of coconut oil, third is coconut oil with amla oil etc

  • First method:

Boil the dried amla in coconut oil, when oil converts to black.leave it for 5 minutes. when it will be cool. after that apply on your scalp or massage with this oil.after 20 minutes you should wash your hair.

  • Second method:

Firstly make amla juice. take 2 teaspoons amla power/amla juice. add 2 teaspoon lemon juice in it. apply this mixture on your scalp wait till dry.  rinse your hair with water.

  • Third method:

Take coconut oil and amla oil in equal amount. include a few drops of lemon juice. apply this one time a week on your scalp. it will fix your hair fall problem.

3.Yogurt help in hair fall:

Yogurt contains vitamin B5 and extremely good for is a conditioner for hair. firstly take one tablespoon honey, add two tablespoons Greek yogurt, add one lemon in a bowl or mix it. apply this paste on your scalp with the help of a dye brush.after 30 minutes you wash your hair. you should do this two time a week.

4. Onion Juice
hair fall

Onion contains Sulfur, antibacterial properties etc sulfur helps to hair growth and it improves blood circulation. there is two method which am i mention below:-

  • First method :

Take one onion and cotton ball. collect onion juice in a bowl.dip cotton ball in onion juice, apply onion juice on your scalp root with the help of cotton ball. after 30 minutes wash your hair.

  • Second method:

Take one onion, two teaspoons of honey. some drops of rosewater or mix it. apply this mixture on your hair after 40 to 50 minutes wash your hair with normal water.

5. Neem:

Neem contains antibacterial properties. it helps to remove dandruff from your nourishing your hair roots, stimulates blood flow to the skin. you can apply one time a week after shampooing. take 10 to 12 neem leaves and bowl of water. firstly boil neem leaves in the water, when it turns to cool water. after that wash your hair with this mixture.