Honey Bee Benefits

The honey color is golden it is used as a natural remedy, honey taste is sweet, it is produced by bees. there are so many problems which are solved with honey, honey bee benefits like Skin problems, boosts your energy, fix dandruff problem
 help suppress a cough etc I mentioned below for Details

1. Skin care with Honey Bee Benefits

honey bee benefits

If you have a skin problem, use of it you can solve your skin problems like dry skin, remove wrinkles etc, honey contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. honey will finish itching from your skin and you get glowing skin with it. 


Take 3 tablespoons aloe vera gel, ½ cup shea butter,1 teaspoon raw organic honey, 5 drops tea tree essential oil, 3 tablespoons rose water. 

How we can apply:

Firstly melt the shea butter, mix some rose water, aloe vera gel, and honey. put this paste in a glass bowl and store this bowl in a refrigerated,
mix up to 5 minutes make it fluffy, store it in a jar. use this paste as a night cream.

2.Boost your body energy 

Honey makes you more energetic. honey contains natural sugar that why it plays the important role during the exercise. glucose contain honey, that’s why glucose boosts your energy Immediate. 

How we can use:

1 .Take one tablespoon of honey add 8 ounces of water or drink it .

2. Take honey nut butter or cream /cheese mix it, for an energy-boost, vegetable and fruit dip. 

2  spread honey, nut butter and sliced bananas on a sandwich bread cover it with other sandwich bread piece it will also help to boost your energy.

3.Fix dandruff problem

oney contain healing, Antifungal,  antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties that’s why honey use for removing dandruff from the scalp.

How we can use:

Take one tablespoon of curd, 3 tablespoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, Apply this on your scalp wash your hair or wash your hair with the help of water. it will solve your dandruff problem.

4.Fix a coughing problem

Take one teaspoon honey some drop of ginger little bit of salt  mix it. warm it on flame . take it as a medicine. you get good result

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