Top 5 cucumber benefits

Cucumber is used in curd for rehayat. cucumber is a vital part of the salad. cucumber benefits are soothing effect against skin irritation, antioxidant activity, potential antidiabetic,  cleansing action of toxins and waste and prevention of constipation. if you have dark circles you can remove with  use of cucumber, cucumber full of water which is good for us we can fight against dehydration uses of it, And here are 5 health benefits of cucumbers in more details.

benefits of cucumber


1. Stay hydrated:


Cucumbers contain 95.2 percent of water. if you feel dehydration you can eat it. be hydrated.

2 Heart health:

Cucumbers have potassium (152mg per cup), it helps in low bp. eating cucumbers is an easy way to start expanding your potassium consumption. Cucumber helps keep the heart healthy.

3.cucumber benefits are Protect your brain from diseases:

Cucumbers ability to reduce diseases on our brain function. if we want to be a healthy brain we eat it.

4.Relieve pain:

cucumbers cut in slices. it helps to reduce pain in a wisdom tooth. place the cucumber slices in the refrigerator.  when your mouth hurts.cucumbers can work in a pinch.

5.Reduce bad breath:

bacteria come through bad smell in your mouth.  if we have to reduce it we should eat cucumbers





how we protect our skin

benefits of cucumber

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