Top 5 lemon juice benefits

Lemon Juice benefits are it help in High Blood Pressure, Cold and Fever etc, Lemons contain citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C etc. when we feel tidiness then we take the lemon water(nimbu pani).lemon also use in salads.there are so many benefits of lemon these benefits I mentioned below:-

1. High Blood Pressure (BP):

Lemon water controls your dizziness, nausea and high blood is also very useful in heart disease, this is also used to reduce stress and depression. In today life so many people suffering from hypertension. lemon make blood vessels soft and flexible. it contains high amounts of vitamin C, it helps to remove radicals from the body and hence drinking lemon juice regularly is good for you.

2. lemon juice benefits are it remove Cold and Fever:

Lemon juice very useful in fever, cold, flu. it contains vitamin C. it can help cure diseases like malaria and cholera. it helps in the production of antibodies and white blood cells, it can be fighting against the microorganisms. if we take lemon juice in fever it helps to bring down your fever .it helps to clean your blood.

3.Strong Nails:

Lemon makes your nail strong or shine. firstly take lemon juice combine with olive oil, after that apply it on your nails.

4.Weight Loss:

In today life everyone wants to be slim. we can easily reduce our weight with lemon. for weight loss firstly you can take one lemon juice to add in lukewarm water, add honey to it. after one week you will feel it.

5.Skin Benefits:

If you want white skin, remove age spots, remove dark patches on your elbow, remove wrinkles, remove blackheads lemon is one of the best solutions for it. for more detail read below:

  • Skin whitening: take 2 teaspoon lemon juice add in 3 teaspoon water and apply this mixture on your face after 30 minutes you should wash your face.
  • Remove age spots: if you want to remove age spots you should apply lemon overnight on your make your age spots light.
  • Discolored Elbows: if your elbows color dark. you should rub lemon on your elbows two times a day after 1 week. after 1 week you feel you dark elbows color become light.
  • Remove wrinkles: take one teaspoon lemon juice add some honey, few drops of almond oil, mix it. apply this solution as a mask on your face. it helps to remove wrinkles.
  • Remove blackheads: take some drop of lemon juice to add in water apply this mixture with the help of cotton. after 15 minutes you should wash help to reduce blackheads on your face.

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