Chili effect on our body?

In today life we like to eat too much spicy food which is not good for our health & body. a little bit of spice does not harm your body. with too many spices you should be faced with a stomach problem, digestion problem, piles problem etc. but chili is also important for our food. it makes tasty food. without chili, we will not eat tasty food.

Chili Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Chili contains vitamin c, vitamin B, calcium, iron, it is very important for our vegetable curry but too much of chili make your stomach unhealthy.

2. Green pepper is good for the heart, it helps in having good blood circulation flows. it also helps to reduce chili is not contained calories

3. Green chili makes your good digestion system. it helps to digest your food properly.

4. Green chili helps to make your skin healthy

5.Green chili help to fight against cancer. it’s help to be make you healthy

6. Eating too much red chilli leads to Diarrhea

7.Eating too much red chilli leads to asthma.

8.Eating too much red   chilly makes the tissue swollen.

so eat green chili avoid red chili

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